I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light.

– John Keith Falconer

We have a vision to evangelize villages by building relationships, delivering humanitarian relief and mentoring indigenous missionaries to reach their own people.

We have a heart for all nations.

The tsunami of 2004 opened the door for us to move to Southeast Asia.  We did aid work such as, coordinating the rebuilding of homes and businesses, helped restore industry tools like fishing boats, and we worked with locals and established long term friendships.  These relationships are still alive today and those friendships have opened the door to enable us to make a greater difference.

We want to work with government officials to help with displaced people and children.  We also work with some of the Christian islands of Indonesia where a great deal of aid is still needed.  Since the tsunami there have been numerous earthquakes, flooding, and even volcanic eruptions that we have provided relief for.

India, Vietnam, and Cambodia

We also have ongoing full time ministries taking place in India. We have a passionate team of amazing people based in India. We are in the process of expanding our outreach to India by building an orphanage and village church.

We also have many friends and associates in Vietnam & Cambodia.  This area is very closed to the Gospel but we have participated with several underground minister conferences and are working to help propagate churches, orphanages and medical centers in these areas.

Connecting other to Grace

Although we are doing a lot of humanitarian targeting right now – our greater vision is long term.  By long term of course we mean eternity.  We want to connect with the Christians of Asia and bring them a sense of freedom and a greater understanding of who God is.

Many of the Christians were visited by missionaries who had good hearts and lead them to salvation, but also brought a lot of religious doctrine that has clouded the message of who Jesus really was and who he still IS!

Support for the local pastors.

In addition we also want to encourage and be a support for the local pastors who are the targets of tremendous persecution.  Many of them have no one whatsoever to turn to that they can trust.  That is another aspect to what we are and what we want to be.