Investing Into God’s Passion

God’s word teaches us over and again that were to help hurting people.  I think that is Gods true passion to see the hopeless, helpless people receive help from us HIS people. He is passionate about the widows, orphans, the poor, the oppressed, the hungry, the naked and the homeless.

Please do not misunderstand me, I believe we are to have nice homes and drive good cars, and wear nice cloths but we are not to forget the spiritually lost, the poor and needy.  We are blessed to be a blessing to those we are lead to help.  I am not in any way saying we need to feel guilty for having a good life.  What I am saying is that we are to evaluate our lives and resources and pray hear from the Lord a see how we are to help the needy?  I do believe that it is not a matter of if but rather a matter of how much do we give.

In Gods word there are over 2000 scriptures that tell us it is our duty to help the Hungry, naked, widowed, orphaned and destitute.  I now see this as a supreme privilege and honor to serve Him and His people.

ZZ2D53D7DAWe are to enjoy life no question about that.  We do believe that if your involved in what Gods passion is you will life to it s fullest.  You will feel in your heart a since of pride and respect that you are really helping someone have hope, to know Jesus and a chance to find and fulfill their own destiny.  There is no greater feeling in the world.

We try to make it simple each month to send an envelope for you’re to send a check or to go on line to make a contribution.  You can see in our newsletters that we feed lepers, children, widows, we have orphans and orphanages.  We train leaders; pastors and we support native workers in the harvest fields.

We realize that you have many places, choices and demands on your money. But the bible says that when you give some of what you have to make someone else’s life better, it honors God.  And when you honor God He will honor you.

Pat and I appreciate you more than you know.  From the bottom of our heart we want to thank you for your generosity and faithfulness with your prayers and financial contributions that allow us to change the lives of so many in need of Gods love and compassion.

Sometimes during this economic down turn I have been tempted to embrace the idea of being content with what we are doing and just maintain.   However I do not feel that is Gods plan for our work or for those who are in great spiritual darkness or in pain from hunger!

What are you passionate about?

– Jim