It is a great Report.

The Life of a Leper
The life of a leper is among the loneliest lives in the world.
A 63 year old man with leprosy told me how he came to the village.  He said, “I was 17 and developed Leprosy. My family brought me to this village and left me here. Today I am 67 and I have never seen my family since I was 17.  They left me and forgot about me.  But you have shown me that God does love me, and your people show me that they love me.”
It is a GREAT  REPORT! September 2014
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Dear Jim,
Pat and I are happy and excited to share with you that we received enough funds to meet every need and commitment for our mission work since our last E mail. We were able to close out August and began the month of September in better shape.  We are so grateful to those who made special donations to help make-up the deficit we were experiencing this summer.
We are humbled everyday by those of your who have committed to support our work every month. Obviously the financial donations are what enable us to do what we do for others, however it is also your kind letters of encouragement and prayers that elevate us emotionally and spiritually and help keep us going.
As we preach the Gospel, feed children, train leaders, minister to lepers, Pastors and everyone in between you are there with us. You are giving the meal, your consoling a child, your giving away a boat to fishermen, or building a home for a family.  We are so blessed to have the best partners any
Cam girl Black shirt Jim and Pat smilingmissionary could hope for.
God bless you richly for standing

with us these past 9 years.

Love and blessings,
Jim and Pat Harris

                     Providing gifts to those with Leprosy in India.
Recently Pastor Phil Stern, Steven Bufford, Jeremy Bufford of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA joined me, along with Charlie Pisaruk (RE Field Director) and Pastor Sam Paul (RE Trust Director India) in India.  We visited the six villages of people with leprosy, where we distribute rice each month.  In partnership with Feed the Forgotten, 2 Serve Ministries and the partners of Relevant Expeditions, our RE team delivers most of the rice that these poor people need to survive.  Our team also serves the people by sharing the Gospel, training, prayer and friendship.

These people are raising gifts that we brought them. These new towels are such simple gifts yet bring so much joy to these people who have so little. They use them for many things.  They cover themselves if they are cold, they dry themselves if they are wet, and they wear them on their heads to stay cool in the hot climate of India.

This photo features seven amazing Indian Pastors who are part of the Relevant Expeditions Team. These men are truly the backbone of the work we do in India.  There are hundreds of families who have come to know Christ through these men.  They facilitate the work we do with the people with leprosy while also handling their pastoral duties. Pictured from LEFT TO RIGHT: Pastor Phil Stern Access Church Tulsa, OK USA),  Pastor Peter, Pastor Michael, Pastor Charles, Pastor Manoa, Pastor Ezekiel, Jim Harris, Pastor Sam Paul and Pastor Mannasseh.

Pastor Phil Stern (Access Church / Feed the Forgotten (Tulsa, OK USA) and me pouring the monthly rice supply for this man who is blinded by his leprosy.  He used to be a follower of Islam.

At each rice distribution our team shares the Gospel and teaches from the Bible. Left to right are Pastor Sam Paul, Pastor Phil Stern, Jeremy Bufford, Stephen Bufford, Jim Harris and Pastor Manoa.

The people were all so appreciative of the gifts that they received from us.  You can see the joy in this woman’s face.

Missionary Charlie Pisaruk giving a gift to a very poor man in a leper village.
Feed the Forgotten and Relevant Expeditions provided a hot meal for each of the 600 lepers,  it is an Indian favorite Mutton Biryani.  It is a flavorful rice, with seasoned lamb meat, and a hardboiled egg.  If you visit an Indian restaurant you can usually order Mutton or Chicken Biryani.  Try it and you will see why they love it so much!  It is such a privilege to be able to provide such a meal to them.
This little girl is not waiting for the rice to be distributed or even cooked.

Pastor Phil and me with a towel on our heads similar to the way  the local men wear them and we also have on a lungi which is a peace of cloth that is wrapped around you and tied in a knot or tucked in.  Each man received a towel and a lungi, and each woman received a Sari which is a traditional dress for Indian women.  They were so excited to receive these gifts.  Thanks so much for our partners who made this outreach possible and such a huge success.  These people get no other gifts during the year or life time in some cases so it is a great blessing for them.

We are always desiring to do more for them.  If you would care to partner with us in this bi-monthly rice distribution to help provide rice for more people, or to bring a team to bless them and minister to them please contact me.
Want to bring a team for a life changing mission experience? I can assure you that if you were to come for a single mission trip to visit these precious people with leprosy, your life will never be the same.  To start a conversation about the possibility of doing this shoot me an email and we can discuss it.

Philippines Cyclone

I received this photo recently from our partners on the ground in Cebu, Philippines. We quickly came to love the following people that we worked with in the Philippines, Pastor Jose Ian Villacarlos, Jill Villarey Villacarlos, Merlyn Baring Villacarlos and Pastor Allan Manzanilla. Pastor Allan is the National leader for CRC Philippines and I must thank Pastor Barry Silverback for connecting me with these amazing people.  They are fantastic people, great friends, lovers of God and people. What an honour it is to work with them on Cebu Island and surrounding islands in the Philippines. Thank you to our partners who have blessed so many people in the Philippines with tons of rice, water and other supplies. We have built 35 homes and have built 9 boats for fishermen who lost the ability to make a living when the super tyhphoon hit November 8th of 2013. Thanks Relevant Partners all over the world for helping us to reach out to the hurting people of the Philippines with compassion, love and aid. We are still involved in the Philippines and we hope to provide more housing, boats, rice and most importantly proclaim the Good News of Jesus.


We had this boat built along with a total of 8 others for fishermen in the Philippines who had lost their boats and the ability to make a living.  We painted some of the boats but this one the fishermen painted and they wanted to honour our partners so they painted RELEVANT EXPEDITION on the side of the boat to say thanks.


Sewing Project India UPDATE:
We have received funding to buy 4 of the 6 needed sewing machines for our work in Kerala, India where we plan to start a sewing school!We still need two more machines at $250 each     2 needed


Also Solar power lighting for each of the 3 projects     $150 each

Next stop:  CAMBODIA
Pat, Charlie and I will travel to Phnom Penh Cambodia September 8th.  Then we will go on to Kampong Thom, Cambodia where we will spend several days with our family, leaders, Pre-school, children of our home, staff, and the hundreds of children that we help daily.  We will have a lot of ground to cover and are praying for a safe, productive expedition.

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