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Charlie Pisaruk

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Introducing Charlie Pisaruk

Charlie is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and has served in the USA as an associate pastor, bible school instructor, children’s pastor, youth worker and helps minister in church administration. Charlie also lived and administered an outreach in Cambodia for a large ministry from the USA. He currently bases in Malaysia and serves as a missionary with Relevant Expeditions in Cambodia, Thailand, Asia, India and Nepal.

Missionary Recommendation for Charlie Pisaruk:

I wholeheartedly give my fullest recommendation and endorsement for a fellow missionary and dear friend, Charlie Pisaruk. I first met Charlie in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2007. Charlie had been put in-charge of a major nationwide ministry project sponsored by a large Christian ministry in the USA. The scope of the project was a massive undertaking, involving the construction of 15 Hope Centers, establishing numerous feeding programs, coordinating leadership training, medical outreaches, crusades, and a host of other projects all throughout the nation of Cambodia culminating to one large meeting in the nations capital, Phnom Penh.

Charlie was coordinating the entire project and I was his subordinate whom he put in charge of three provincial crusades and the leadership meetings. We worked together from January through August. During that time we not only built an efficient and productive working relationship, but also a solid and lasting friendship as well.

Give to Charlie Pisaruk

Since August of 2012 Charlie has been based in Malaysia now working with our ministry Relevant Expeditions. He has traveled and ministered in India, Nepal, and Cambodia with us and has been a tremendous blessing to those with leprosy, impoverished widows, orphaned children, and the spiritually lost. Charlie s experience in leadership makes him a formidable speaker for leadership events, and his compassion for the pastors in the areas we visit is contagious.

He has traveled with me to remote, dangerous places, almost always with little or no standard amenities, yet he s never uttered a single complaint. In every occasion he has been dependable, dedicated and has taken on every challenge with passion and persistence. He embraces the unique attributes of each regions cultural variances and shares a genuine interest and respect for the local traditions which is can be a rare attribute in the field of mission work. This is a trait to be admired as it garners great love and respect from those to whom he ministers.

I have encouraged Charlie to raise funding for his personal support as a missionary and have invited him to work with our many projects in Asia. Additionally Charlie has the liberty and freedom to explore other unreached people groups as well.

100% of the work we do in the mission field is sponsored by individuals, families, church groups and churches. Our organization is a 501.c3 non-profit ministry in good standing. We invite you to support Charlie with funding the work he is doing by sharing the Gospel in Asia. It is very simple to make sure that his account is credited with your donation. You simply make a donation to Relevant Expeditions and then note that it is for Charlie Pisaruk.

If Charlie was not working with our ministry I would still boldly and emphatically encourage you to partner with him as he is a man after God s own heart. I can assure you that Charlie s work in the mission field will continue to be extremely productive and life changing for the people in the areas he visits. If you will partner with him, I trust that it will bless your life just as he has blessed so many around the world!

In Christ’s service,

Jim Harris
Founder and President of Relevant Expeditions