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President & Founder of Relevant Expeditions


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Jim and Pat Harris are the founders of Relevant Expeditions. They’ve been married since 1983  and have four children and 12 grandchildren. Pat is from Houston, Texas and Jim grew up on a farm in Wavery, MO. In the mid 90’s they planted and pastored a church in Carrollton, Missouri. In January of 1999 they moved to St. Louis, Missouri to prepare to move into full time mission work.

St. Louis is the American base for Relevant Expeditions and is where most of the Harris family resides. Early in 2005 Jim and Pat officially founded Relevant Expeditions as an evangelical and humanitarian global mission work. Initially they targeted Banda Ache, Indonesia in the wake of the tsunami of 2004. Relevant Expeditions responded with humanitarian and evangelical outreaches to the devastated survivors of the region. Since then Relevant Expeditions has been sharing the Good News and bringing humanitarian aid to people in many parts of Asia including India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Timor, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, China, and Indigenous Australia.

We are evangelical humanitarians,
Our Passion is Souls.
Our Vision is the world.

Jim Harris
President & Founder of Relevant Expeditions
Serving in Asia full time since 2005.
William-Jewell College, Liberty, Missouri USA
Religion & Sociology  Jim is a Father, Pastor, Missions director, Business owner, Missionary, Rodeo cowboy, Farmer and
follower of Jesus.