We are keeping our vision clear and are excited to see what God will do!

our core values

compassion ~ connection ~ blessing

As an organization we feel called to put our minds, our hearts, and our faith together arriving at some of our core beliefs that remain a strong foundation for our ministry.

Jesus is the center of all we do.

God is BIG and is the supplier of all our need.

God loves people, and so do we.

Grace has the power to transform any situation.

God's Kingdom is being established across the nations.

We show compassion to a world in need.

Faith is action, either by going, or by giving.

We have a message, and it is very good news.

Peace, justice and freedom are God’s gift to all.

God IS love.

Not everyone is called to go, but if you are called to go – then by all means come and join us! If you are not called to go then you are called to send. So if you don’t send us then please send someone else

Jim Harris

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